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audio and power supplies

there are a very few tube mic power supplies (sony c37a and C17,akgc60 and tele m201) which have active components (the audio output tranny specifically) in them , however , no other neumann ,or akg power supplies , and NO power supplies use by telefunkn usa microphones do so ...the audio output from the mics travels down the cable to the connectors on the power supply, thats all......a power supply is simply supplying the correct voltages to the tube and to polarize the diaphragm long as the voltages meet specification for voltage and filtering , the mic is properly powered.....more filtering than required makes NO audible difference , and spec is spec..for example an ac701 heater voltage is specified ( in Neumann literature) at 3.8 to 4.2 volts dc ..if one wants to debate that a km54 that recieves 3.8 sounds different than one that gets 4.2 volts, you might take it up with the manufacturer; i seriously doubt it...