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Old 24th June 2008
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Maybe im crazy... but i had a mixdream here at the studio for about 4 months about two years ago...

I thought it was the BIGGEST waste of money in history. Id have more fun lighting $3500 bucks on fire and then pissing on it to put it out. I heard no difference in depth or width between that and the HD summing and i thought the stereo widener effect was a joke. I also personally dont feel like it felt to well built either, but hey, to each his own. I just cant justify why anyone would want to buy this box.

Now the chandler mini rack mixer... i cant even describe how incredibly different and to my ears how much better this box sounds than the SPL. Huge bottom end, sweet highs more present and aggressive midrange and an overall glue that just makes everything great.

Im eager to hear the shadow hills and neve, im sure they are both great.

As you can see, im not into clean summing at all, i def prefer colored boxes.