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Originally posted by mdbeh
...why not just record everything in stereo to begin with?
A few months ago I recorded an acoustic trio
[2 GTRs + Percussion] with a 'stereo-only' approach...

Some tunes were left as 'live-performance'
recordings [just the three players live]...

Other tunes were done via overdubbing,
but all 'panning' was done by positioning the
sound source relative to a fixed stereo mic set-up...

Likewise, the 'depth' of each track was achieved
by adjusting the distance of the source relative
to the 'mic-array'; using the room to supply most
of the ambience [I also used a little TC M3000]...

While most of the selections were instrumentals,
a couple of the tunes were actually songs,
and the vocals were also recorded in the same manner...

By placing the BGVocalists on either side of,
and back from the mic[s], with the Lead Vocal in the center
[one song done live, and the other one overdubbed/doubled]...

BTW, the stereo set-up consisted of a matched-pair
of Earthworks TC30k's and a Jecklin Disc...

The TC30K's aren't the quietest mics and when you
'pull-back' [for ambience, etc.] you can build up
a little noise when overdubbing like this...

A quiet mic-pre would be the best choice here,
but for us the 'build-up' functioned like tape hiss;
'glueing' the mix together nicely...

The whole process was very enjoyable, and the sonic
results pleased every one involved with the project...