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I'm reading the article, and found this amusing part on the growing popularity of tubes (I shouldn't have to say it, but just in case, I fully understand that this stuff has absolutely no relation to the equipment Manley and other high-end companies make):

As a result, manufacturers are stuffing tubes into every component imaginable, including CD players. There are even a few computer sound cards that include a tube or two.
A year or two ago there was a computer motherboard with a tube on it (apparently to 'warm up' the sound of the built-in soundcard, which I'm SUUUUURE is carefully designed to be competitive with current high-end D/A's...cough, hack...) that generated several long threads on, and more recently there was the soundcard with a tube coming out the side, thus taking up about three slots. I was never clear on whether the signal actually went through the tube, or if it was just there to 'sag' the power supply. I shouldn't read marketing copy anyway, it rots the brain.

I expect to see these 'tube' things for sale in late-night infomercials...