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Old 21st June 2008
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I'm elated TeleUSA is trying to recapture the magic of these great vintage designs, and I've been seriously considering buying from them. I have quite a few old tube mics--some of which were purchased from Dan A.-- but haven't been able to find a good 251. The glowing comments about the sound quality of TeleUSA's mics from many, including Dan and Fletcher, are certainly encouraging and make me want to give them a try.

But, negative comments have their place too, and can serve a valuable purpose to potential buyers by allowing them to make informed decisions. JJ relates his first hand knowledge of certain details of these mics, such as component values and parts quality gained from his personal observation. Why some people would want to silence him, I can't understand. Seems to me the truth serves all who take the time to listen.

If he is not telling the truth, and is misrepresenting the facts, it would be a pretty straightforward task to debunk his assertions.

So, rather than attacking the man for speaking up, why not disprove his claims (if you can). If you prove them false, you've discredited their proponent.

Anyway JJ, I appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience and observations. Sorry you're catching flack but it seems to be the norm rather than the exception on these forums for people to misinterpret the motives of others.

I think it would be difficult if not impossible for anyone to know if your claims are accurate without having more information. Opinions are in abundance here, it's just facts that seem to be in short supply.

I would welcome any more facts about JJ's contentions.

Oh, JJ, just remember "truth is a perfect defense". Won't necessarily prevent you from getting sued, but may be a predictor of the outcome.