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Originally Posted by Martin Kantola View Post
Don't think it's fair to compare these two, considering the price difference.
life can be cruel and unfair at times

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... trust your own ears only, not what other people claim!
Rentals for comparison cost me $500 including shipping and insurance. I did use my ears along with my API preamps, Neve mixer and Meyer HD-1 monitors.

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As for the tubes, would people really pay insane prices and try to manufacture VF14s again if there wasn't anything special about them?

People will pay to indulge their passion. If I had an $11,000 vintage U-47 or a Telefunken reissue, I would want to keep it stock. If a $2000 tube is what it takes, so be it, that is not an insane price, it's the price the market will bare. I would not repaint my '59 Les Paul either.

I was responding to the previous comment by Dan Alexander where he clearly stated he has heard mic's outfitted with alternate tube types that sounded equal in "his opinion". I have not personally had the piles of U-47 and other authentic German vintage mics HE HAS. Check his web site. I'm not asking you to believe me or him, just stating the facts as I heard them.

There is a lot of smoke blowing in these hallowed halls. I'm not selling equipment. I'm not trying to hype my mastering business. I'm not trying to prove my schwantz is bigger than yours, just contributing. The fact that my ears are under the supervision of one of the top 10 ENT MD in the world means nothing, you could easily have a lot better ears than me.

I think the SOUND of the recorded tracks we create is the most important thing. There are a lot of people on Gearslutz who simply want to snipe each other about what piece of equipment they have. Go ahead on but I'm not going there.

When royalty checks start arriving in your mail box, YOU KNOW who's ears really make a difference. It's those folks I don't know, out there somewhere, pushing the buy button and consuming my music. THEIR ears are the ones that really matter. They don't know or care if I used a PE-54 or a U-87.

If it makes you feel a lot better knowing you spent the MOST you possibly could for your equipment, well, right on. There is a guy here who has a store, he'd really like to meet you, do you know Fletcher?