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Sear Sound

"Last I heard, Walter's plan was to sell the studio as a complete, working business"

And we should all pray that he can pull that off. But recording studios are much like old consoles, they are typically worth MUCH more torn apart and sold off piece by piece than they are as a fully integrated whole.

Is there an article anywhere that discusses Mr. Sear's reasons for wanting to sell the studio? Is it losing too much money, does he finally want to retire from the pressures of running a business, or ...?

That link to the Sear Sound website in the earlier post should be required reading for all aspiring recording engineers. There are a dozen or so articles by Mr. Sear available on the website and they present his unique view of the recording studio business.

Is the studio still open for business? A short one day session there might be the greatest gift imaginable for us recording folks.

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