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I'm into art in whatever form it manifests itself. The looks of an item should reflect the workings of an item. The big picture... Some people may argue that the retro faceplates are too contrived but to be honest, if I'm using something that is supposed to act like a Fairchild I want to be able to reach for it in the virtual world the same way I would in the actual world.

I believe that this is why Radar is much easier to swallow for long time 2" users. It works like tape, so in a way, it acts like it too. I don't want to get into the specifics of Radars sound on this one but I feel the interface is doing it great justice on top of all of the other positives that go along with the medium.

I guarantee that if an La2a was designed with 5 knobs it wouldn't be the same. Extra control isn't always a good thing in a world run by deviants such as ourselves. Sure it can be handy but...