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Re: Manley Questions...

Originally posted by RSMITH123
I was trying to comprehend the feature sets and differences between the VOXBOX and SLAM. They both have pres and compressors (if not mistaken) but what are the differences?
Beyond the VoxBox being a mono unit and the SLAM! being a linkable dual mono unit...

In the VoxBox you have an opto compressor prior to the mic pre, and their ELOP limiter in the "de-esser/full range limiter" section... with a comprehensive EQ section.

With the SLAM! you have killer sounding mic pre's, an ELOP limiter (which also lives before the mic pre's), a FET limiter [with variable attack and release times!], and the ability to use them both limiters simulaneously. The opto limiter also has onboard facilities for 3 different hi-pass filters... which can come in damn handy in a myriad of applications. And all that times two for stereo.

The 'dual metering' is a nice touch as well...