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plugins are ****, thats a fact. you shouldn´t expect to catch the LIVING magic of physical infinity regarding sound structure in a DEAD 600kb program code including a polished vintage gui. its waste of time and lot of marketing from the mass market of plug in developers.
Just help the geezer out, will you? Jeebus. 'Hear ye, the end of the world is nigh, woe be unto all who use plugins and verily there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth'. Christ on a bike

Anyway - as some have said, get it right from the start, and if you have thousands of pounds' worth of hardware then use it. If not then give up, now.

Seriously, you can get a nice smooth fat bottom end with UAD. Try 1073 (my fave for this), or 88RS for a more 'modern' sound. The bottom end on both is great. Although of course I'm sure you'll burn in the fiery pit (or at least be guaranteed to make a dreadful recording) if you do so. I'll see you there.