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Re: Help me spend 10k

Originally posted by nemisis633
I don't know if the mic's I have now warrant replacing. I'm using a Rode NTK and two TLM-103's as my top microphones right now. Can I get by with these?
Probably for the time being, but as your ears 'grow' you will want more and better gear. I'm still not happy with my mic locker, and mine is more extensive than some people's, and far less extensive than others. I've got about another $40K or more to go before I'm satisfied (discouraging huh? That's what makes us gearsluts though).


I had my eye on the Great River MP2-NV any comments? I want as many of your ideas for combinations of gear as possible!
The NV is a great sounding versatile preamp for pop, rock, jazz etc. The best thing you can do is keep your gear locker balanced IMO. What I mean by that is trying to avoid having too many pieces of gear that are not basically on the same level of quality (i.e. an extreme example being a Soundelux E47 into a Mackie preamp....instead split the difference in the cost for each piece in the chain to better effect, such as a Soundelux iFET7 and a Great River MP1-NV single channel). From my experience, the mics you have are in the 'good' category, the NV is in the 'great' that's not too big of a gap there between the two. Compression is really important to me and the way I work. RNC's from FMR are a great value and are very inexpensive and clean. The next quality/cost jump up from the RNC is the Empirical Labs Distressor, which is a staple in many racks including my own. From there the sky is the limit. Definitely let us know what kind of music you are recording, and the general way you record (drum kit with full band or just acoustic guitar and then vocal overdubs, etc). Good Luck with your search!
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