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What are you recording? What styles of music, what instruments? Mic selection is very contingent upon this.

I wouldn't recomend the mics you mentioned as your only options, especially since the two models sound rather similar. And getting five different flavors of large diaphragm cardioid condensor mics is boring. Small diaphragm condensors (omni's included) are better for some tasks, and the same could be said of some dynamic mics. (Some dynamics are much better for certain rock vocals than most condensors.)

If this is your only input path, you might go for very good but very neutral sounding components to reduce buildup of the same colorations track after track. (You might like A-1 with your steak, but probably don't want it on your Cheerios the next morning.) Add variety as you add alternative components or chains. The initial problem will be making sure your sources sound right without any heavy lifting from your hardware, but your hardware is less likely to be wrong for a given source.

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