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Is this a building that has now or has had multiple tenants? There will be a room dedicated to the Main Service of the building...out of which could be any number of Feeders supplying panels of different sizes and possibly different voltages/phases this dedicated room will be the Service Grounding conductor....and a clue as to what type of ground they have available in the building....there will be a water ground of some sort though if the interior water pipe system is in pvc then the ground will only be to ground any metal parts at the drinking fountains...mop sinks ect...there will likely be suplemental building steel,ground ring,ground rod(which should be a minimum of 10'..per code)something of this ilk....whoever your electrician is doing your install, its good in your situation, to have someone familiar with sound circuitry and isolation...your basic housewireman may not have enough experience with this to get it all quiet and safe too..........peace