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Originally posted by Lord Alvin
Sometimes I will use this technique as a last resort if the bass and kick are not working together. BTW, I am not totally crazy, I stole it from an interview with CLA. It works.

Take a 6 dB/ octave HPF and roll off all of the low end on the bass from 200 hz on down. Now set a narrow Q on one band of the eq and boost it about 8dB. Slowly sweep it down while listening to it in context of the mix until you find where it sounds good with the kick and keeps the groove happening. Once you find the magic frequency you can adjust the amount of gain and the Q so that it gels perfectly with the tune.
They seem to do a better job of taming the low end. Also, an aural exiter on an aux can sometimes do wonders to clean up a messy bass tone.
Me Lord,
In order to keep the bass's low freq boost contained frequency- wise you mention High Q. Lookin at the curves its suggests that Q needs to be around 4-6 in order not to step all over the low end of the kick.
Is this the approximate Q you end up using??