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Re: Microphones as EQ's and further...

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Fletcher, EveAnna, and whoever can chime in,

<SNIP>This is a very valuable lesson no matter how matter times over the years you get a chance to do it.
Not only do mics act like different "eqs" but they have different responses. For example, I loved not only the eq sound, but the dynamic response of 414 EBs on toms, something I hadn't really tried. <SNIP>
What comments do you have as far as mic to use that minimize the use of other gear in the chain? <SNIP> Comments?
The "signature" of mics is what makes mics useful...and there are lots of variables involved. Not only do we have the 0 degree on axis reponse, there is off axis response, at all the various positions other than 0. This a big contributor to a mic's sonic character, especially in live situations such as on stage or in a tracking room. There's also dynamic reponse, that you mention above. This is something David Bock and I talk about, for it is the key to building a 47 that sounds like a 47, reponse that changes with level. There are so many variables, its frightening.

This is why many mic manufacturers hate freq response "charts", and the value judgements people make based on just one piece of a really big puzzle. Soundelux and Brauner both don't supply charts for this very reason. What good is a reponse chart if the dynamic reponse is totally different at all the different levels? What good is a reponse chart if the off axis response is huge contributor to the overall tone of the mic? The end user cannot compare apples to apples: the technology is not yet there to provide a complete written "picture" of the sound. While there are conditions where an on axis reponse chart is valuable, such as acoustic measurement mics, its rare in music recording.