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Old 18th December 2002
"If you need more distortion research, might I suggest listening to the 'Warzone' CD by The Missing Brazilians. Perpetuated by Adrian Sherwood and the folks at ON-U Sound back in 1984. I don't know how it was ever cut to vinyl... The executive summary is dub reggae, distortion, hiss, and dynamic range. PETRG (People for the Ethical Treatment of Recording Gear) might take offense, but I sure like it."

During the first session where I was engineering for Adrian Sherwood & Lee Scratch Perry - I pounded the old SSL console in time to the beat with my two fists, I was hitting 'crackle points' and the the desk made distorted crunching noises to the hip hop beat I was pounding - that was on my first day, they all liked that and it integrated me into the session!

Distortion rules!

Adrian is a true gent..