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Old 18th December 2002
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How do I find the time?

Well, I don't.
I never have everything done that I need to do. There's always more stuff to do. So I cut back on sleep to be able to score a few more working hours during the week. 60 to 80+ hours Monday through Friday are normal for me. I type a little on the weekends, but mainly Saturday is for hobbies and pals and Sunday is for sleeping in late and either doing some household chores or lounging around. That's about it for personal life. I do not go to the factory on the weekends (anymore.)

This past Sunday I bought all Christmas presents for all my family (grandma, mom, dad, uncles, aunties, cousins, brother & sisters) on eBay. No time for fighting in malls or gift wrapping. Had everything drop shipped to my brother's house in Marblehead, MA where I'll be for one of the family holiday party on Monday. Another part of the family Tuesday, another section, etc.... all in New England at least.

And I'll be taking 2 weeks off (but still typing....)

Try to recharge the batteries then. Deep-cycle mode...

Right now it is 1am and I am still at my factory. I think I will consider going home now (right after I check my email one more time... I just answered about 80 emails after dinner tonight.)

Late night is good for working because the telephone isn't ringing and no one is here to bother me. Efficient use of time.