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Old 18th December 2002
Here for the gear
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The Crystal Skull, I mean Ball, say's there will be a revolution, consumers will revolt against mainstream production, and Electric Ladyland will be reborne, and underground FM music stations once again will dominate the airwaves with music that is originated by the new multi-track HI-FI analog modular recorders.

And the holes in digital will become as painfully obvious as a dictaphone. And this time, the value of the new stations will remain true, and a consti2tion will be enforced.

Ears everywhere will revel in the wash of quality sound again. People will be free to record this music, and proceeds from memberships, and medium sales will keep the hard working, creative industry, and talant fat, happy, and productive. Corporations will not botch the product for fear of absolute boycott.

New music will come, as heavy as desired, as sweet as the old masters, and equally as priceless and timeless. CD's / DVD's / mp'3s will go the way of the video disc, and will be ground up for road construction, or used for roofing shingles.

The new HI-FI analog recorders will use a new magnetic medium, and will be fair, and last 1000 years.

ogara daga ...plese tank you.

I know it's only tuesday, sorry.