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Old 17th December 2002
Here for the gear
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The Ortman parody is pretty funny. It pokes fun at gear snobs, retailers diguised as run of the mill audio freaks, and, of course, newbies--who, I suppose justly, are the butt of most of the jokes. But it's the variety that makes it funny. I don't think anyone is safe from its satire.... although I do think lots of folks assume the joke is at someone else's expense, but there is the genius of Ortman--the joke is on them.

It's all funny because there isn't a standard vocabulary of sound. It's also funny because, the net being what it currently is, anyone can be anyone else (even Jack Ortman). The web is the great leveler. But this is where Ortman's slight reactionary streak raises its ugly head, his one trait that is, to this reader, not quite so funny.

In other words, audio forums are bound to be exercises in miscommunication. A successful thread always ends in the following manner: it depends on the room, the player, and what you are trying to do--i.e. I can't hear what you are trying to say (and don't try posting an MP3 because the crappy compression will be like reading Shakespeare in Hungarian).

And yet people keep posting and posting new questions, new topics, new forums....