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Well, Jack left Fletcher a "present" on his home forum. I thought I would share the wealth......

I quote - "Mary Christmas!

Today I will offer you holiday gifts for others and yourself. Many of the best things about studios are the speakers. I sell many high end speakers to PRO experts all over the Bay Area. Thhese are my top sellers! My friend Pete calls me the SUPER MIXERMAN. I even have a special T-shirt. I will be the PRO Santa for you! Ho ho

You must hear the differnce between good speakers, always buy JBL. They make the best tone for rock, jazz and classic. DO NOT BUY LO END OR OLD! They will not have the hi end and might hurt you and your dog's ears. I tried very bad speakers once, they made the dog next door bark too much.

Always buy speakers in sets of 2. This way you can hear both left and right sides and not be stuck in mono. When I record for bands they love to hear everything in "both sides". Some band like the tone very loud on the left. I have the sound to get them rock to the max. Look for markings and them plug them in, then turn the knob to 5 and listen. Then turn to 8 and listen, then turn to 3. NNever stop listening to the speakers!

For super lo end. I like the Subwoofs. These make it FONKY! This is the good kind of low end. DO NOT GET CONFUSED! Low end speakers arf going to make the bass better adn bring peeps to your studio. Peeps means people. Once I thought it meant birds!

DO not get low end. Many studio do not use good speakers with covers. Pro speakers need to have protection. Only cheap speakers have no covers, they do not care if they break! Metal covers are the best, do not use Radio Shack thin covers.

Make sure to put out the cookies and Santa will leave you nice gear!" - END QUOTE FROM JACK ORTMAN.

Jules - This Man has got to get his own forum as a novelty, even if as a guest for a month. PLEASE!

Make it a locked thread where he can post weekly or weakly... I dunno...heh