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Here for the gear
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I do the recording thing part-time, so I may not be in the same qualifying bracket as people like Jules.

In my case, she and I live apart, which makes things significantly easier. (In fact, she splits her time between Los Angeles and Europe, while I remain planted in the East Coast.) Because of the time differences, our free time often coincides (ie, her free time in the evening is usually my free time at late night). When we are actually in the same time zone, about total of about 3-4 months out of the year, she'll often drag her laptop into the 'control room' and we'll work alongside one another on our respective projects. Taking breaks to check out the other person's work and offer an outsider's perspective are also a welcome way to take a break when necessary.

People in creative fields are definitely in no place for needy or co-dependent relationships. =)