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Old 16th June 2008
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Sorry to re-activate that tread.
I know it's old news.

BUT rcm : I think you right. This album sometimes sounds like some good old-black metal classics (Mayhem, Emperor ...). And it's very very intense. The sound of this album is pure genius. Really.

There is a lot of dist / reverb going on but in a very strange way. It gives me the impression that the space where it was recorded was really weird & crazy.

Anyway, one of the most interesting disc of the past years. I'm really bored about conventional sounding stuff. The album is exciting & it's great.

I dont believe he was calling it genius...he said he couldnt listen to it for more than 3 minutes at a time...thats not genius.

And I believe he means brutal as in the overheads on that cd will kill your hearing for high frequencies.

perhaps this is why they are currently not signed?