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It's pretty obvious at this point that I'm fresh to the forums... But since a few of the topics I see caught my eye, I figured it's as good a time as any to chime in. ;D Oh, I must admit, these are the coolest smilies I've ever seen. fuuck


Actually, from the way I understand it, oftimes merchants are under contract from vendors not to disclose their "for sale" price in print advertising. It's why places like Guitar Center list the suggested retail price (crossed out! extremely low prices for one week only!) and makes you call or come in for the real price. Supposedly this also helps manufacturers and distributers give better prices to some retailers, since their competition can't just dial up their catalogue and see what their mark-up is like.

Lee pretty much hit it on the head...web design is like anything else, you can have and operate the tools, but actually knowing what you're doing is something completely different!

I haven't seen many manufacturer's sites that I *like*. Each one has at least 2 major, glaring flaws...such as complete un-navigability (try looking THAT up in your dictionary!). Manley labs probably comes closest, but even they're a little cluttered and have some 'hidden' pages. Of any audio related site I've visited, props have to go to Mercenary Audio. There are a fair number of studio websites that are well-done, but that's a little beyond the scope of this thread.. Of course, there ARE good ones out there, such as, but the problem is, while they're informational and easy to navigate, they don't really stand out either. =/ Korg, Roland, Steinberg, etc. all suck...because while navigation (ex, Korg) *seems* intuitive and user-friendly, it's next to impossible to get any real information from the bunch.

I've done a fair share of web design (I don't run a "real" studio, so it helps pay the bills) and it's painful how many bad sites there are out there. Especially bad "professional" sites. The only thing worse than bad design is proprietary languages (Flash, FrontPage/ASP, etc). Ugh! You either 1) do the *Exact* same site TWICE, exactly the same each way, or 2) force the user to leave your site and download and install a component that will work in 9 out of 10 browsers, but probably not the one they're working with. I'd offer free consulting & coding to some of these places (I like their products that much!) but try getting someone to take an offer like that seriously. =P

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