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Yeah... microphone selection and placement are pretty much the only equalizers I use when tracking... often changing a mic, moving a mic, etc. will make a far greater difference to the specific tone, and the overall presentation than any amount of knob twisting...

At the same time, signal chain composition is of equal importance... this pre with that mic which is in "X" spot for "Y" instrument with ______ compressor going to (blank) converter is a great way to get a very full, very clear recording where you can appropriately tailor the audio to the song/artist's presentation of that song.

EQ's are all well and good for the occassional 'touchup' during the recording process [in my world]... but more often than not, I try to avoid them...

But most folks mileage differs on these sort of things... especially the 'microphone selection and placement' part of the program.

Best of luck.