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Old 21st October 2004
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So this headphone bleed thingie....

at first I wasn't sure what to listen for.
I noticed this kinda strange shuffly sound in the background, not my taste but that could've been deliberate. Then I noticed the really short slapback kinda thing on the drums, but that might have been pre delays from a verb, again possibly a taste issue. At the end of a track of course it dawned to me. the real obvious drum box guide bleed...

my question is: did the bleed only bring that problem, or did it induce the slapback thingy on the drums as well, or something you decided to mask /w more slapback stuff from a verb.

the vocal also seems to have a bit of short echo to it, just a few ms....did the headphone bleed also cause that?

maybe my questions sound silly, but I don't mix this mega clean poppy kinda stuff so every effect suddenly becomes really obvious to me, if they are intentional effects then that's cool.
I'm just interested in learning exactly which artefacts in the track were introduced by the HP bleed.