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Old 19th October 2004
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Newbie with a setup question!

what up yall im new to this board so help a rookie out!

i was thinking of changing around my setup (hip hop music)

right now i have:

Oktava MK319 Condenser mic
DBX vacuum tube preamp
MIA Echo soundcard

as you can see i have no compressor

i have about a $600 budget
so here is what i was looking into

RODE NT1000 Condenser mic ... (i have heard that it is good for hip hop vox)....$250
E-MU 1212 soundcard (have heard its the best on the market for the price and much better than the MIA Echo) $200
PreSonus Comp16 Compressor $100

and if i have enough $$ left i might upgrade my preamp but i wouldnt know what to upgrade to

what does everyone think of both setups and is my new approach a much better solution? should i mix and match?

any help would be greatly appreciated!
thank you and goodnight!tutt tutt