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Old 14th December 2002
Here for the gear

I recently started doing the rolloff below 140 on bass- then narrow boost somewhere in there . The kick then owns most of the bottom. Intersting how the bass seems much beter off despite little energy below 140. And the kick is well separated/defined. ( I just stumbled on this on my own)

Also - back to Fletchers original point.
Phase relationships are most important on bass- cause the wavelength is long and desructinve or constructinve interference is much more of an issue. The higher freqs - are likely to be off several wavelengths - thus are not going to interfere as the bass does - (when all the waves bouncing around being within one cycle).

That why I alway check the phase +/-of all my bass elements.
The 360 degree variable phase device Fletcher described above is new to me. But given the phase sensitivity behavior I've described above Im sure it can make a big difference - above and beyond doing the +/- phase check.

Just try flicking your stereo speakers out of phase when playing a mono kick and see what happens. With high freq material there's almost no effect.