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Question Jack Ortman... our next guest moderator?

OK. Jules, please, please, please. Drop him a line! My side is splitting just thinking about it.

Fletcher. It's all your fault and God bless you!

After reading Jack's flawless review and shootout on the UAD-1 vs Bomb Factory, I wrote him a letter:

Hi Jack,
I read your review of the UAD-1 vs Bomb Factory. Wow, you are smart. I just got my UAD-1 and wanted to know what grit sand paper you would recommend to use for fitting it. Also, you are SO right about how good it is. I only have it halfway in and can already tell how good it is going to be. My CD's already are much better.

Anyway, let me know what grit you recommend and thanks for sharing your knowledge!

I will post his response when he answers!