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Originally posted by living sounds
Hi Fleaman,

hearing ist most vulnerable in the mid-range, followed by the high-range. Damaging typically starts at a range of 4-6 khz, and probably also 12-16 khz.

That's why cymbals are so dangerous. I always got to a safe distance when a drummer started playing, and afterwards asked them, how they can stand it. It's hard to believe they don't seem to find it unpleasant...

Since the human ear is much less sensitive in the bass range, it can also take much louder noise without getting harmed. The lower you go, the safer it gets. Although you'd better not crank it up TOO much, since people recently have been reported to have suffered lung fissures after being exposed to very high amplitude low range sounds (in a car and in a club, I think), triggering the resonance frequency of their thorax. It is, however, rather unlinkely this happens in the studio. :-)
Well, that's good to most ear plugs (even the $100+ custom ones I have) still let quite a bit of the lows in.

It's just interesting because there is so much more energy on the low frequencies...and to actually 'feel' them (that thump in your chest), I always wondered about the potential for damage.

That Lung fissure thing is just downright bizarre!