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just get mptk. Since you are already on pt, it is a worth while investment. If you switch, you're gonna spend money anyway, and waste time learning another DAW when you have clients now. Besides, mptk comes with some really nice plugs like smack and TL space which imo make it worth a lot more than what you're paying.

But if you MUST stay with default ptle, then you can always put MC's on the same tracks, Like double up MC 1 and 3, 2 & 4, etc. Then just automate the hell out of the different EQ's and compressor settings for each. You can put each rappers plugins on the same channel and just automate bypass.

I wouldn't suggest bouncing the beat to 2 track if you plan on mixing the song after. When the vocals are added in, it totally changes the mix and a lot of frequency juggling is going to happen.