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Here for the gear
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:) Meeting and visiting Horst Jankowski in his Stuttgart studio in the early 70's. When discussing my LP project, he said; " You vill hear tings you have neve hert before". John Woram, George Martin, Bob Dennis, Carl Fracula. Following the teachings of Fletcher, Jules, EveAnna, and many lessor known, but totally amazing, inspiring people.

Getting to play and record a Rudolf Von Beckerath pipe organ in the late 60's, bad thing though, I was trained audiophile before learning to record anything. There can be a problem adjusting to the realities, limits and nature of modern recording. There is still clashes that happen from time to time.

Influential music: Traffic, Allman Bros., Doors, Savoy Brown, Paul whiteman, Gershwin, The Ventures, Switched on Bach, Beatles, and many others.