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Originally posted by faeflora
Oh, I also ate that green lobster gunk before too.
From what I understand, that green stuff is Lobster ****. At least that's what a buddy told me [who at the time was a commercial divers... so we'd go out on his boat on a Saturday afternoon... I'd drink beer, he'd scour the bottom for dinner].

I was at a show a few weeks ago and me and the people I was working with were sitting back in catering having just finished dinner [Lobster was the featured event for the evening meal... ]. Two of the people I was sitting with were also from New England... and we were making fun of all the mooks wearing bibs while consuming this food [sorry, it's not that hard to eat, and it's not that messy].

At one point a friend pointed out this rather fine looking woman at one of the other tables that was chowing down on the green **** like it heaven sent... to the point of actually scooping it up from the other 'bugs' on the table.

I didn't have the heart... but one of the ladies at out table seemed to have something against this particular person [ahhhh, the politics of wives in a touring situation]... as the green stuff eating person excused herself from the table, and went off for the bathroom like someone lit her tail on fire.

BTW, the orange stuff you find in some lobsters is the "lobster roe"... [lobster eggs]... which is sorta like 'lobster caviar'... it's really very nice on a cracker with some sour cream and capers.