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Old 27th September 2004
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It's mainly in house stuff. I mix stuff for a bunch of guys, but since the music seems to always have a midi and sequenced element, I often have the guys cut 2 trks of music and sing/rap vocals and other instruments around them. This way I can come back with a copy of the sequence and change/edit sounds and re-track everything through my own gear. This is the only way I can control the quality of it. I know the importance of having the right piece of gear for the right color/tone/timbre and I know that I am at a disadvantage there, but what I have as an advantage on Dave or yourself is the ability and athourity to simply re-cut the part

With that said, What I've been trying to do is eliminate plugs for as much as possible and re-cut kick and snr drum mults/bass/vocals through outboard pieces. This along with analog summing and the ability to push the 2 bus has helped my mixes tremendously and I'm simply wondering what pieces I shoud go for next. (leaning toward some API stuff 550s/560s