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Re: Dave did it again

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AM I on the right track in my thinking ? any comments you'd like to add?
You have to make the distinction if you are just going to be mixing for yourself or are you going to be doing other people's stuff.

If its for yourself than it doesn't really matter what you choose as long as it works for you.

If you are doing outside stuff than that's a whole other story.

If its outside you can't always force a square peg down a round hole.

What i mean is just because the CL1B worked for one person, doesn't mean its the right sound for the next guy. The Sta Level and the CL1B sound different. Where the CL1B is transparent the Sta Level isn't.

So if color is called for the CL1B may not cut it.

Each track needs its own unique sound and nothing exposes that worse than vocals.

This is the one area i personally feel where the plugs just can't stand up to their analog counterparts. Vocals are dynamic instruments than change timbre over time due to breath control, movement(off mic axis) and emotion. I feel that the analog stuff just handles these things better and impart their own character depending on how you hit it.

You just can't hit the plugs in the same way to get the same effect.

This is one reason why the gear list is long and varied.

You need different tools for different tasks. Just like you can't build a house with just one screw driver, its the same way when working with other people's tracks. You have to take tracks that were either recorded well or not, arranged well or not or not enough or too much.

Now if its all being done in house, you can have quality control on what's being produced. You can control the sound easier this way.