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Old 27th September 2004
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Dave did it again

Dave when I first posted this I was hoping to hear that there were only a few things you deemed necessary to get the job done (things that I could add to my arsenal without spending another 40Gs) I now realize I need to rent time somewhere LOL!

I wouldnt expect you to be able to comment on most cost cutting techniques (using an altiverb sample of the 480's silica beads or using the plugin 550s instead of actual APIs) because you actually have the pieces at your disposal, and probably havent had much experience with the alternatives (I remember your outboard on on top of the racks at enterprise as being more than the studio itself had).

I don't know if my post will help others but what I've been doing to utilize the suggestions that u post is using a BF LA3A or Tube Tech CL1B wherever you r using a Gates Sta level, Using 160xts wherever u do, substituting a distressor for when you use an 1176, and using the URS neve plug where u use a 1073. I dont have the eventide plug nor the 2016 plug so I would like to know how close they come to the stereo room on the 2016 and the harmonizer in the H3000.

I've decided to make my outboard purchases cover certain areas first and then to move on to other pieces. Because most of what I do is urban (hip hop/RnB) I use a few 160xt's, a distressor, and a CL1B along with NTI EQ. My thinking is that this along with plugs will cover my vocals and drums. My next move is to a pair of 550s and a 560 for drums and probably a vocal EQ. From there I'll move to Bass and ffx.

AM I on the right track in my thinking ? any comments you'd like to add?