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Re: Re: Re: Re: Dave, what about your ears?

Originally posted by Innominandum,1286,61646,00.html

Argh, the forum changes "h e h" into that emoticon. It's "t h e h e a r i n g p i l l . c o m"
From the website of the hearing pill:
"The active ingredient in “The Hearing Pill” TM has been demonstrated in laboratory studies, and along with anecodotal evidence suggests, its ability to help protect and restorate damage from acute (near-term) noise induced hearing loss. It has not!!!! been shown to demonstrate those same capabilities for genetic, tinnitus!!!!! or autoimmune disorders."

A major bummer but for a cure against tinitus, we have to wait for recombenant DNA techniques to be found to work and be aproved by the FDA (FDA aproval usually takes 7 years minimum).
The hearingpill is prevention, which is a good thing if it works, which is not tested in the field!