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Old 27th September 2004
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I guess I just like it

At some point you start thinking, man, I can actually do this, and wow, I am really pretty good at it. Then you go thru a phase where you try to only work on cool things. Then you buy a few things and get some debt, and suddenly you have to take projects whether you like them or not, just to pay bills. Then you have some success, and you find yourself at a POORLY marked crossroads. You can go for the money or you can go for the things that got you into music in the 1st place. It is ALWAYS a decision you have to be constantly making. For me, I don't need much, so it was easier to go for the fun. Not always, I have had a few years where I had to back track, and down size (translation, go to the pawnshop).

So for me, I enjoy working with talented people, with young cats who are trying to make a difference, meeting a legend, and finding out they are as cool as you hoped, or doing a mix where you feel you really contributed something. I try to choose projects based on the music, but sometimes a friend might ask you to mix something that isn't great. I try my best to make it great, and in the process, its good to hang with buddies.