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Originally posted by Curve Dominant
We're getting really geeky here, but that's our job, right?
I'll check it out today.

Yeah, UltraPitch is way cool -- there's a 6-note harmonizer on it! I automated the harmonizing notes around the chord changes for this one song...too much fun!

It's definitely our job to get geeky. If we don't, who will?

Curve, thanks for the compliment -- my ego just got upgraded

Bummer about that Shipley thing...I didn't know he bailed either, although that one guy was really going after him -- I was reading that thread as it was going down. In fact, I did a search for it the other day: looks like it (mercifully) disappeared. "Shania Vocal Chain" -- right? Looks like one bad apple spoiled the whole damn bunch.

It's ironic that it happened that way -- y'know, gearslutz is the only interactive net experience I bother with. The quality of people (general manners/intelligence and specific knowledge) here is so high...I was on one of those guitar boards and it was such a waste. I love having the ability to share thoughts and experiences, and the give/take of tips and techniques allows us to explore and stay on top of our game! I consider it a privilege to call the gearslutz family my peer group.