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Originally Posted by Oortjes ➡️
My words are not excuses, they just show deficiencies in your test. Whether in our favor or not.

Not every input circuit responds the same to a floating pin. So your cabling may work with one device, but fail with another. It sounds like you never dealt with transformer inputs; floating a pin has a major effect on the frequency response. Most of our gear emulates transformer inputs. So it is a good advice to check your cabling.
Well my cabling is Brand new Mogami Gold and works for the 2 other devices so why not for the rosetta?..hummm do they make special cables that will work for my rosetta? I was not aware that some kind of cables (generic pro AUDIO CABLES) could NOT work on some devices.
A far as a Live feed if a performance is played twice, once thru each converter, the output WILL be different musicians will never play 2 takes the same way and it would then false the results (if recorded takes were always similar I would duplicate my vocal tracks 10times instead of stacking them!)