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posted by Gregg Sartiano:
Originally posted by Curve Dominant
Plugin latency is a result of the realtime processing.

Anyone care to confirm or deny this?
I thought it happened on anything except Invert or Gain in PT -- I've definitely had it happen on UltraPitch.

Disclaimer: You're one of the people around here I'm generally hesitant to contradict...but after reading your post, I opened up a PT session to check this. (I'm using PT v5.1 on a 001 system, B&W Mac G3).

OK, I looked at a pair of vocal tracks: one the original, and the other a duplicate. On the duplicate, I printed an Arboretum High Pass, then a Fairchild 660.

I opened up both tracks to Jumbo view, and found an obvious transient. The beginning of the transients lined up exactly at the zero crossing at sample level for both tracks.

Now I don't have the UltraPitch plugin (should I? is it cool?) so I can't check that. And I have to confess I haven't checked every printed effect for latency. I've only done random checks out of curiousity, and so far haven't found any latency for printed effects in my home-based system so far.

Mainly I've checked for latency when printing duplicated drums and guitars, and Bounced To Disk files, because that's where the phasing issues would become apparent. In most of those cases, it was compression (and sometimes EQ) plugins I printed, and so far haven't encountered any latency issues.

The only occasions where I've audibly heard phasing issues on my rig, is when I've improperly aligned samples, and in those cases I could definitely hear the phasing, so I'd like to think I could hear phasing issues in the case of printed plugin latency. I could be wrong though.

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