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Gregg touched on some of this's reiterating from a slightly different angle for clarity:

posted by krs:
Just curious, for us native/CPU usage challenged boys, how many samples of latency do you allow before you take action? Having a session filled with bypassed plugs is not my idea of a good time

I'm new to this multing stuff, and I'm not sure how much to trust my monitoring. thanks!
I'd love to know how other LE people are getting around this [email protected]#$ thing.
I'm using a 001 with a G3 350MHz, and doing all the fancy parallel compression on drum submixes, guitar submixes, Shipley's "airy vocal" techiques, etc. etc.

It's simple: Print your effects.

For the parallel submix compression, I bounce the crushed mix to disk, and import it back into the session. No latency, no CPU drain. Just "Save As" the sub mix session, so you can go back and tweak it if it's not "just right" in the original mix.

For mults techniques that require lots of (CPU-draining) plugin effects manipulation: select the audio, open the plugin in Audiosuite, and print the effect. No latency, no CPU drain. Just make sure you select "create individual files" on the plugin so you can go back and get the original audio if you need it.

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