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Originally posted by thethrillfactor
Even though the TC2290 has certain things going for it, the PCM 42 is still king for 2 reasons in my opinion:

1) The PCM42 rocks on vocals more than any delay bar none and for this alone it will always be lusted after.

On guitars it stellar, but so is the 2290 and the Roland SDE-3000.

2) The 2290 is not a true stereo unit. Some of the cool choruses and flanges you can create disappear in mono. You need 2 of them linked together(can be done with the latest software).
I used to use the PCM 42 on my analog synthesizers and it was pure sweet tone.

The Edge of U2 uses the Korg SDD-3000 as his main delay unit but he also uses TC 2290's. The guitarist for Coldplay uses the TC 2290. I've heard clips made by folks who own the 2290 and 3000 and I'd have to say the 3000 sounded much warmer. A while back I opened up my SDD-3000 and found it loaded (at least 20-25) with those JRC4558 chips that make the old tube screamers so valuable.