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Old 24th September 2004
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Hi Dave,

A couple of comments on the gear choices:

1. TC 2290 over the Lexicon PCM 42 delay? Really? I've owned a PCM 42 and I'd have to say along with the Korg SDD-3000 I now own, they are the two best delays I've ever heard. But neither the 42 or 3000 do ducking which the 2290 does. Was that the factor in your decision? And I'd be curious to know how you think Echofarm compares. I did the taste test and found Echofarm lacking (though my studio partner loves it for a "quick and dirty vibe")

2. I found the Avalon 737's preamp to be quite good (I preferred the Summit Audio MPC-100A) but the the compressor to be not good at all. I'd put the Summit MPC-100A and the Universal Audio 6176. In any case, I've since moved from my Summit to a Neve 1073/Urei 1176 combo and I agree with you, those two pieces are must haves!