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Old 23rd September 2004
On a related note, in the book "Mixing with your Mind" the recommendation (which I now agree with) is "DON'T SWEEP". This goes against what most others recommend (namely, set the EQ to boost, sweep around until it sucks the most, then swap the boost for cut, and voila). The reason you don't want to sweep is because sweeping just clouds up your ears. It certainly clouds mine!

The "DON'T SWEEP" approach means that you have to actually learn the EQ bands, so that you can just know "hey, there's too much 250 going on in the sax track". The author tells how he learned them: he'd sit in the studio with a buddy and they'd play a game: one would mod the EQ some amount and the other would have to guess what the mod was. Practice, and competition, yields pretty good results pretty quickly!