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Re: Love it!

Originally posted by Dave Pensado
It has very few weaknesses. I have tried it and liked it on everything except stereo buss, vocals and guitars. It will be a classic. The company dissed me, but I still think they make some amazing stuff. What made you ask about this piece of gear? What do you like it on?
Thanks for the feedback.

I asked because it was a piece recommended to me by the thrillfactor; a mixer who contributes a lot of very good info here.

It is very popular here but people seem divided on what it's strengths are and I was curious about your opinion.

I use it on drums, bass and miscellaneous samples.

I haven't made it work on vocals yet although i want to spend some time really focussing on the mids and vocals with it.

I find the high end a little disappointing.

Do you like any software EQ for vocals particularly?