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It's like a parametric EQ with a compressor on each band

Stargazer, Renie, check out my interview in April Electronic Musician, not the magazine interview but the internet one where I posted actual screen shots of some hits. I love C1/sc. Look up and study about how the side chain circuit works. If that doesn't answer your question, let me know, and I will explain it. I had a little bit to do with the MC2000 pluggin. I love it. The waves C4 is also amazing. The CB 2 and 3 are quite good. I like the way they also can emmulate classic stuff. I use these 4 compressors every mix. I also have an old analog Rocksonics 3 band that I use a lot also.

Think of these as compressing around a single frequency only, that frequency being the side band frequency. Only on C4 and MC2000 the sc is selected as just a frequency. Dessers work this way, and it is one of the major differences in why compressors sound different from each other.

I'm not sure a ratio of 1:1 will do anything, will it?

Let me know if I need to answer in greater detail. Thanks