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Originally posted by pentajigga
im asking about bypass, becuause not all plugs are like EQ where you can just leave it flat and itll just pass audio.
No, I don't bypass 'em. Obviously, EQ's are set flat. On compressors, I crank up the threshold so it never kicks in. On gates, I crank up the release & move the threshold so it's always open.

Of course, certain plugs will change the sound regardless. Strangely enough, the Digidesign Dynamics plug-in (the "stock" compressor & gate) is really, really good for this sort of thing (and impacts DSP minimally).

krs, I thought there was a sample-accurate delay adjuster in PTLE. I guess maybe it's part of the Waves package.

Here's one -- you know what I've done in PT is: I'd "record" a small section on a track from a dead bus (i.e.: digital black) and then zoom all the way in & take the pencil tool and make a one-sample long "click" by drawing in the smallest transient possible. I have this sample in my drum samples folder, actually. So, if I suspect there are timing errors, I can sum two things and then see if the clicks are separated or additive.