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Beghringer Tube Composer VS Presonus Blue Max

Being as I am a low-budget studio owner, I have very few quality (expensive) analog compressors. In the last year I have been almost exclusively using a Presonus BlueMax as my recording chain compressor. However, I recently pulled my Behringer Tube Composer out of the "live sound rack" and made it part of my recording chain. After doing some direct comparisons b/w the Behringer and presonus (on Vocals and stereo buss!) I have had some weird results...The composer sounds so much better on almost everything ! The Behringer just sounds so much more transparent in the way it limits. When running my stereo buss through the two units (getting 3-5db GR) and comparing, I find that the blue max sounds crushed, bruised and really lo-fi (small stereo image, less highs, etc) Meanwhile, the Behringer sounds clean and realistic (even with the limiters kicking in and 5db GR, w/ auto mode and interactive curve...)
I just though it was interesting that there was so much of a difference in quality in sound b/w these units. Could it be that the behringer and presonus meters aren't calibrated to anywhere near each other? Or does anyone else find that this Behringer unit is totally underrated, maybe the blue max just sucks? Comments please...I could post samples if y'all are interested...