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Old 22nd September 2004
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Re: A little 40-60 goes a long way

Alright Dave,

Now you've done it. More stuff to try. I'm just about to need another farm card anyway, and that means I have to find and buy the 13 node cable. And It's all your fault...Well, its partly your fault.

OK. It's my fault. But I keep trying new things and liking them.

Dave, I know you augment the sounds that come to you. Do you also add loops, or additional drum patterns when you're mixing? I have found that I can do more with additional loops and sounds than I can with EQ to change the sound of a mix.

You also mentioned that you use doubles of reverbs, change them and pan them left and right to widen the mix. I send to all of my reverbs, delays, and modulation FX in stereo for just that reason. It's nice to hear a tambourine hit, then cascade to the left as it decays. When you add placement of the effect into the mix it increases the posibilities exponentially. One of the best things about the SP 2016 is the stereo room with stereo input. Is the plug in version set up that way, too?

Off to work with me.

By the way, I have the frequency chart, too. But do you have an tone generator that will allow you to set it to 32.703? I guess I could use a virus or something.