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krs you don't have to allow any latency issues to affect you -- there are many ways to compensate during mixdown.

If you're really low on DSP, you can slide tracks by a # of samples matching the latency which the plug-in is inducing. In PT, you can even playlist the track -- maybe name it "Kick Slid" or something...then put in the "comments" strip how many samples you slide it (that's the Charles Dye strategy) -- as if you probably couldn't get that info off of the original time stamp in spot mode, but anyway...OK -- make sure there's a little blank space at the beginning of the track (or it won't slide earlier on the edit screen), then mark the track and hit "option-H" (in Mac PT) -- that's Slide. Use the samples window, and make sure "earlier" is checked. If you turn off your plug-ins, switch back to your old playlists.

You can also use a sample-accurate delay on ALL tracks except the most "latent" one. This is the traditional method.